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about Us

Founded in 2020, House of Bah Foundation (previously known as Eat N’ Talk Africa) is an emerging 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Omaha, Nebraska. Its unique culinary training programs are tailored to empower and support workforce personal development, positive mental wellness and behavioral health, social connectedness, and culinary education of members of the greater African diaspora and/or refugee/immigrants in the Omaha metropolitan area.




House of Bah Foundation enhances equitable employment access and cultural diversity in the community through culturally affirming cuisine education and credentialed culinary training.


To live in an equitable community that values and celebrates the diverse cultures within it


Our focus will be to shed light on the rich and diverse minorities' culinary heritage and build awareness around the hospitality industry's lack of diversity in menu offerings. 

Economic Development
We will partner actively with New American and African diaspora hospitality businesses that seek to bridge the food gap in our community. Culturally affirming cuisines represent an untapped niche market that will create sustainable economic growth in our diverse communities. 

To build a proactive partnership with the hospitality industry and community organizations to create forums for the growth of minority food and beverage businesses. 


Education: We believe that education is the pillar for healthy conversation and building strong and equitable communities. 

Diversity: We will strive to work with hospitality partners to offer more inclusive and diverse products and services. 

Partnership: We will work with local and regional organizations to promote a constructive and successful business open to all.

Service: We are committed to serving our communities above everything else.

A voice for Change: We are committed to advocating for underrepresented communities and striving for equity and positive social change within the hospitality business and throughout our city.

Determination: We are committed to being trailblazers who strive to change the narrative regarding culturally affirming cuisines

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