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We are committed to fostering connections and solving socio-economic issues within our community through education and promoting BIPOC,  immigrants, and refugees' culinary heritage. Our comprehensive approach comprises programs designed to offer opportunities to the general public, particularly immigrants/refugees and the African diaspora, to learn sought-out culinary techniques to address the lack of representation and identity for their cuisines. 

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Fostering connection to african culinary heritage

This program is a combination of classes, after-school activities, internships, apprenticeships, seminars, and a food expo designed to instill knowledge and skills of the African culinary heritage amongst diverse community members ranging from youth to adults and seniors who are either aspiring or active culinary professionals or part of the non-professional population.

immigrants culinary journey in america

We understand that one of the essential things that immigrants and refugees seek in the US is the comfort of their traditional cuisines. This program looks at immigrants' and refugees' lives through culinary lenses and offers solutions and resources that benefit their integration into American communities. 

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Food is a universal channel that can unite people from diverse backgrounds. An equitable community values and celebrates the different cultures within it. We intend to leverage the similarities in our cuisines to create a bond that lasts for generations.

bridging the gap in our community

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