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Join the Tribe

Our goal is to build a better society by educating consumers and hospitality providers on the lack of diversity in their products and services offerings. Please support us by putting our city on the frontline of the fight for more diverse and equitable food industry.  

WAYS YOU CAN make an impact

In Person

We would love to speak to you about our future projects. Please stop by to learn more about us


6966 N 89th Ave Ste A

Omaha, NE 68122


Are you moved by the causes that we are fighting for? Click here to make a sustainable impact on our community!

Over the Phone

Drop us a line to hear more about ways that you can make our community more equitable and diverse!


By Email

Want to read more about how we are changing our community? Send us an email, and we will make sure to update you on our upcoming events.

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