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Our Work

We impact our community through different social projects that are purposely designed to bring meaningful changes in people's hearts and minds.


House Of Bah

House of Bah is the for-profit arm of Eat N' TalkAfrica. Part of their profit is used to fund our programs and activities. House of  Bah provides African Culinary Heritage products and services in venues where they are historically missing. 


We are committed to teaching the youths about culinary skills in general and the African Culinary Heritage. We provide both students and interns an opportunity to gain trained-work experience and skills that will set them apart in the future. 



we are committed to partnering with different organizations in our community to bring the best solutions to solve socio-economic issues in our community. 

dining with dignity

We believe in a society that accepts diversity, and we do our part to introduce African cuisines to the most vulnerable in our community.

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