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This African cooking class aims to introduce restaurant and foodservice professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of culturally affirming cuisines to the diverse and rich culinary traditions of the African continent.

The course will cover a range of dishes from different regions, allowing participants to gain a holistic understanding of the diverse culinary landscape of Africa.

The ACA PROF. meets once a month to learn about African culinary heritage through hands-on cooking experiences, tastings, and cultural insights, chefs will learn about the unique ingredients, flavors, and techniques that make African cuisine so vibrant and fascinating.

Monday Workshops

  • One Monday each month, Academy Members meet at the Metropolitan Community College Institute for the Culinary Arts on Fort Campus from 9 am to 2 pm.

  • The morning stats with open discussion of previous week reading/cooking assignment. 

  • Academy Members take turns to share their experience with cooking African food, and receive feedback.

  • Academy Members learn cooking techniques from one of the five African culinary regions.

  • For Lunch, Academy Members prepare meals from the African culinary regions of the week and share amongst the class. 

  • By the end of the class, Academy Members will acquire basic knowledge of one of the five African Culinary region's cooking techniques and learn how to apply the skills into their organization.


  • The following seven days, the Academy Member applies the skills they learned in their organization, evaluating its successes and struggles. The Academy Members organize this information into a two to three minutes speech.  

  • When the Academy meets again, each Member presents their experiences to the cohort, and the cycle begins again.


  • Members will close out the program with a course dinner at the Student Sage Bistro to showcase the skills that they learned throughout the academy


  • May 19, 2024, Introductory Dinner

  • June XX, 2024

  • June XX, 2024

  • July XX, 2024

  • July XX, 2025

  • July XX, 2025

  • August XX, 2024 Capstone


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